When We Were Happy

Trapped in a maze, I wandered alone,
Lost in the darkness, with no way home.
No beginning, no end, just endless confusion,
I was broken and lost, with no solution.

Then you came along, and I felt a spark,
Something new, a light in the dark.
Love, it was, and I couldn't believe,
How this feeling could make me so relieved.

Smiling and laughing, we were carefree,
Together, we could take on anything, you and me.
But then, something changed, you stopped and turned,
And suddenly, my heart felt burned.

Painful moments, when I see you smile,
Because now, it feels like it's been a while.
Left on the side of the road, I'm lost without you,
Damaged and hurt, I'm not sure what to do.

Trapped in this maze, once again alone,
Still not knowing how to find my way home.
But I'll keep searching, with hope in my heart,
That someday our paths may cross again and we'll never be apart.

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