When will these parallel lines meet?

Cruddy streets, open-spaced with tons passing by
Grains on the sand, if they were swept i’ll be none
Mom told me this, “If you want to breathe, you need to try”
But the world shouted, The pauper like you, deserve not to eat in a can ”

Springing up like a filthy tatter on the streets
Coins gleam like gold, turning bread into cakes
Beggar like me, breathing with inhalants on my lips
Cold zephyr, bays-like feel ,requiring tummy’s eat and takes

Days glisten as swift as I snatch and run
Selling rags, crafts and such cheap wax light
Whenever there’s voices, suicide is the greatest stun
Fluids like blood, colored as hell as balefires in an sempiternal night

Whenever there’s a racy ole cherubic-looking man
Eyes got tame, hiding face of hoodlum’s frowning smile
“Alms old freaks, give me the gold that you take with gun!”
Leaving the poorest, made you full-bodied so it’s just a bile.

There are mornings when I mourn for them
They’re telling us “Crooks , filthy looking child”
Hands up, how righteous this generation like Noah’s Shem
Whoever aborted me as living, luckily if life could be fairytaled.

If youngsters will never be upgraded
Street lights, no houses as inevitably faded
Never touched pen, write in a bet for cockpit
Telling their son’s son how hard it is for world to fit.

Whenever police officers thought we’re wicked
Grabbed bangles melted into soup , hope not fainted.
I was once adopted, stab with knife if I’ll never fetch
Bucket of same cold water woke me at morning, they never preach.

There are many times that I want to end it
Simply justice is unjust, innocents got so tilted
If infants were precious as they were born,
Covered with dirt, signs that cute faces deserve to scorn

Ten years later, I watched people walk and pass by
I’m eighteen and I knew things are older, no more cry.
No more mother will come back to me, giving me piece of advice
Comfortably blinded, this will be the last lie as hard to survive

I stop in this moment
I told myself to freeze for moment
Never blame how government had time for party and other sentiment
Never blame how abuse takes 150 million street children being disregarded

360,000 babies are born everyday
I’m afraid if they will have the life I engaged like a prey
Stars could grant, wish they will never be as parallel as me
People need to curve the line, and cut what other’s can’t see

Perfection only exists in babies
Sleep, baby sleep like sleeping beauty
Hope no more millions can add up to those slaving tummies
Angelic faces don’t deserve the cuts as sharp of the greatest crits

Impossible for parallel lines to intersect, but ask me when?
If you know how to read, read between the lines
Stop. Stop. Stop.
If you know how to stop and cross that every line
Stop for every alms that you can hear
Stop for growling stomach as long as near
In this COVID Crisis, have you ever think how I could eat
without the trashes on the street?
Have you ever think, how I could sleep with the siren of police officers
telling us to go in our invisible houses -culprits?
When will you do the curve for us to live?
We can’t write for us to say
We’re burning night and day
I just realized that my mother won’t comeback someday
How can I meet what I have prayed?
If no one will intersect that effing curve.
Meet my voice, people.

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