When will this ever end

Sound of shelling overtook the street once again
Cry of souls in pain resound like a mighty waterfall
Laughter of the tormentors
Tears of an infant met with smiles of the inimical

Fleeing foot skipping floors painted with victims blood
One eye gone for another
Another life sips another
Cruelness of war gone on rampage
Crushing it victims like carnivore devouring it prey

Hand that once embraced love now cuddles trigger
seeking for love to kill
That's what hate gave birth to
When she had romance with jealousy on the bed of envy

Footsteps of fear broad over the street unchallenged
Scared souls whispers in horror when will this ever end
Many questions itching for answers
Like an infected sore over due for surgery
What is the price for peace
Love or tolerance
Why do men fight wars

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