When You Bore Arm (quatrain)

With strides and swing of arms
you muscled feet that's flexed and
thrust in air war bound,
you show strength for duels!

So, I speak of you as thunderous
and as spikes of guard for a
household, arsenals within reach as hay.
This pomposity and venom and roars,

a gloss like fire from dragon
were like …
Weapons of friendship hide
rancor and breathe on

solidity but some say toil
breeds hazard when carried beyond
and will precipitate dead
path. All imbroglio leading to spoil?

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This Poems Story

A proud soldier displays military prowess, marching swiftly. He is sometimes criticized for his tough, boisterous character. But he possesses also a mild, friendly character also which tampers the haughty and roar character aspects. So, in the eyes of the narrator the two character conducts are comparable to arms, the arm that alludes to military disposition and the genial arm of friendship. Both are arms or weapon.