When You Left Me

When you left me
It was like the earthquake that overshadowed Japan
I felt the pain when
I remembered the many years we spent together.
Each picture of you in my mind
Brought smile to my face
With you, my heart is detained

When you left me
The world seemed to be over
Every night my tears kept my bed soaked
I was so in love with you
The shock of your leaving
Made me sick
For a very long time I did not Recovered

When you left me
I tried apologizing for things I did not do
There were times I tried to right all the rights that you considered wrong
Just so we could be cool
I gave you all my love and kept no reserve
But your mind was made up
And you reciprocated my love with what I did not deserve

When you left me
You taught me lessons
With those scars on my heart
Tears in my eyes
I could not look at the past
For there were no reasons to hold on.
I needed to get up and face the future
Pick up the broken pieces
Patch my weaknesses
Lean on my strength
For they were and will forever be my only teachers

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