When You Loose A Best Friend

When you lose a best friend
It’s like your anchor is being ripped out of the bottom of the sea
And you’re off to float. Alone. Isolated.
The cold wind piercing against your skin
Howling like a lone gray wolf.
When you lose a best friend
Your heart feels cold. Empty.
Like a part of you is gone
Like some sort of magic trick.
When you lose a best friend
You lose yourself
You beat yourself up.
Sleepless nights
Of prayer and tears
But there’s light at the end of the hallway.
It may be far away
But that light keeps you going.
Keeps you fighting.
Then you start to find yourself
Still cracked. Heartbroken.
It’s the hard part of grieving
You’re never fully healed.
But when the light comes
Grab it.
Grip it as hard as you can.
It will help you.
It will guide you.
Until one day,
You don’t need the light anymore.
You’re standing on your own two feet
Ready to face the world.
To be somebody else’s light.
It will still hurt.
On holidays.
On birthdays.
While listening to their favorite song.
But you know they are there.
Watching over you.
Protecting you.
From the darkness.
Loving you until you meet again.

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