When You Lose a Beloved One

When you lose a beloved one, it feels like you just want to shrivel

up and isolate yourself from the world keeping your feelings and

thoughts inside. You hide and don't realize everyday you will wilt

like an unnourished rose. It feels like you can't move on as if

your path is blocked by a wall, you're unable to find the

light and feel trapped in the dark, shades of melancholy wrap

around you leaving you in tears that are filled with misery,

pain, and shame. Look around you and see how beautiful and

how wonderful things can be. If you keep your voice inside how

can you feel better? Talk to your family because they

love and cherish you. When you lose a beloved one,

don't you worry because they have gone to a better place.

It feels like your memories slowly burn away. It seemed just

like yesterday you were having a great time and next thing

you know you didn't even get to say good-bye. Sometimes you

regret not spending enough time with them and knowing that

they are gone feels overwhelming and slowly consumes your

happiness. When you lose a beloved one, don't you cry, for they have

gone to a better place.     

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