When You Lose Someone

Why do the victims not see it coming?
Family hatred,the wanna be's?
A son/daughter hurt!
No time to bond.No time to grieve.
A family divided Why?Why can't it be simple?
The hurt felt for all..
The victim left feeling so small.
Just wants to belong.
To see and say to be what may??
1 + 1 doesn't always equal....2....
You'll see what it does for you.
Until then you go on
You mend not fully..You love not truly..
The time has goneThe hurt prolonged.
You take someone's word from years gone by
things not as they are only as they seem.........
Shame on you.
When you lose someone all guns were blasting...!!!
It's hurt is yes, everlasting.
Everyone loses,no one chooses.A Family Destroyed...
When you lose,,,MOM........It will come to pass.
Everyone meets their maker.The truth will set them FREE>>>>>
No Money isn't everything The principal of it all is..............
Tell me let me help??I too have always been a part of You.
Miss you ,Love You.
They don't know Me,Obviously They Never Did .
Love your Son/Daughter (til we Meet again)

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