When You Love Someone

When you love someone so much,
nothing else matters.
You think without their touch,
Your whole world would shatter.
When you love someone so deeply,
they're all you think about.
You begin to live unfreely,
devoted to them, even in doubt.
When you love someone so sure,
all the answers seem right.
In their arms your reassured,
that the possibilities have no heights.
When you love someone so true,
they become your best friend.
There for everything you go through,
helping your restless heart to mend.
When you love someone so great,
all the roads seem down hill.
You are grateful of your fate,
in having this love that's so real.
When you love someone so passionately,
they never leave your mind.
Awaking each day gracefully,
praying you never run out of time.
When you love someone like this,
no road is too long.
Reassured security with every kiss,
knowing that you're right where you belong.

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