When you say good bye

When your on his mind, all he can do is smile

But then he remembers that it has been awhile

He said i miss you and you said it will be okay

He hopes your right and he know you are, but only in a way

He knows YOU'LL be fine, because you have family and friends to talk to

He left his friends behind to become a better man. For him? No. For you

At first he could handle the distance even though it was so far

But right now all he can think about is how beautiful you are

He wants to call you but knows you are having a good time

He wouldnt interrupt even if just stepped on an active land mine

You think thats crazy how you would answer any time of the day

But lets be honest if your in the middle of a joke, dont you want swipe the call away

To you things are going great but to him it feels like your drifting apart

And now everytime you dont reply he starts thinking and its breaking his heart

Is he irritating you, is he ruining your fun too?

Its ripping him apart, to think he would call at a bad time for you

He loves you to much to see that his brain is killing his heart

If you could understand one thing, while he's thinking of all this

If he looked at his phone and saw your name he would see it as a work of art

Then when you say good bye, and his mind and heart slip back in to that dark abyss

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