When You Were There

You held me for days,
The moon and sun danced around us,
We slowly closed in on one another,

My lips pursued yours for so long,
I closed my eyes and then,
They were finally reunited,

That kiss held more passion than any religion,
A power grid could not compare to the electrical current we made,
It was like a galaxy being made,
An expolsion of love and serenity,

There were so many emotions I felt in our final moment,
Once our lips parted I would have to wait,
Waiting was worth every second with you, my love,

I opened my eyes and once again,
I was there on the edge of the cliff,
The smell of roses perfumed me,
A small criket played his music,
The city lights all came on one by one,
I looked to the city below and waited,

I know in only a few years will our lips reunite,
Reunite like two lost lovers,
Seperated for days but lusting,
And in that moment when we meet again,
I promise to never let go,
Because you're worth holding on to.

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