When Your Child Cries

Long before you were born your daddy and I prayed,
that you would be sent to us and from God you were made.
I'll never forget the moment that I first held you close to me,
I'll never forget your peace and how you set me free.
It was easy in the hospital, you were quiet like a mouse,
but everything was different when we brought you to our house.
You cried and wouldn't stop, we weren't sure just how,
to comfort all your noisiness, life was different now.
Daddy wrapped you tightly and I nursed you for a while,
all that crying was so worth it, when you looked up with a smile.
But as quickly as it stopped, it would start back up once more,
the sun had not come up yet and the clock read 2:04!
I would say a little prayer as I tripped on all the toys,
"Dear God, give me grace and quiet all this noise!"
And as I picked you up, you taught me my great mission,
to love no matter what, to love without condition.
On that special day when your child is born to you,
remember that you won't always be certain what to do.
But be confident that your love will always be enough,
even when it's 2:04 and waking up is rough.
You can always pick up the phone and give your mom a call,
when the loudest of cries comes out of a person so very small.
I know that you will make an amazing parent on that day,
because right now I watch how you hug your dolls and play.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written for my three children-Noah, Caleb, and Emma-who inspire me each day. My incredible husband Bryan, children, and I reside in Plymouth, New Hampshire where I am the executive director of the Pemi Youth Center, an afterschool destination for youth. In addition, I am the co-founder of the Faith, Hope, and Love Foundation, which raises funds for youth struggling in hunger, homelessness, or poverty, and I teach as an adjunct faculty member at Plymouth State University. My passion is working with youth, encouraging them to recognize their unique potential and live their dreams.