When Your Heart Beats

The door is opening
Your blood is circulating
Flying with Love
Opening your mind
To the places beyond
Farther than you can even dream
Testing your limits to the fullest
Let your wings fly off the paper
Like Sunflowers beaming into new dimensions
Let’s be happy together
Don’t let the past drag life down
I’ve been there and done that
And I‘ve already learned my lesson
Life is about testing your limits
Let’s take road trips
Through the maps of your brain neurons
What’s the matter?
Got a bad case of the Mondays?
When your heart beats
You have all the chances
Can’t get started?
Give a soft smile
Embrace the opportunity
You can handle any obstacle
When you face troubles
Know the door is only opening
To live, learn, discover, and expand the person you really are deep down inside you

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