When You’re a Child

When you're a child you dream of fairies,
And creatures of a dream.
When you're a child you dream of happy endings,
Yet nothing's what it seems.
When you're a teen you dream of money,
And all things you can imagine.
When you're a teen you dream of love,
And a big white mansion.
When you're an adult you don't dream,
And you don't work as a team.
When you're an adult your only friends,
Are the monsters in your head.
You begin to realize that nothing is fair,
And less people begin to care.
Monsters are no longer under your bed,
Instead they live inside your head.
Demons don't stay under ground,
Instead they're everywhere around.
Life isn't a dream,
It isn't what it seems.
Because when you're a child,
Your dreams are free and wild.
But as you grow older,
Your dreams are blocked by boulders.
Life becomes a game,
impossible to lose,
and you realize that growing up is a shame.

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