When you can see the broken shores of beaches,
And take in the beauty that's so serene
When you can make a part of every day.
Be no less than perfect no matter how impossible it seems
When you can capture the ever growing picture,
And never break your gaze from the ending prize,

And linger no longer on the flawed ways of our world
But embrace the happy whims of tomorrow through a child's eyes
When you can labor with a joyous heart,
And smile at the workers strive

When you can give your all a thousand times over,
But not once scream of the unfairness of our lives
When you can make a silly and seemingly useless task,
A story to tell, a legend filled with questions to be asked

When life no longer gives you lemons,
And you go plant them on your own
When you realize that when you give a friend a free ride,
You are not giving them a lift

When you see through God's eyes,
And serve with willing love and without pitching a single fit
When you are happy with what's placed before you,
And happier to give away still,
You have reached your given potential,
And even more so, you are with virtue filled

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