Where do I find the love for me, where do I find the love that was never seen. Never seen by me of course, can't make love happen by force. Can't ask love to give you a chance because love is not a man, woman or child. Love is the heart of mine that once beated out loud. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve but then you get up and just leave, while I was loving you and you not loving me. So I got to the point I wanted my heart to be free. Free to not only wish but dream, wishing that one day that dream made reality's front page. Where my heart beat is center stage. With all your attention and all your love. Knowing that I was sent from God above, with a heart that beats so strongly for you walking down that isle because you loved me too. Having no regrets but courage that stands looking one in the eyes that loves me the same with fear of ever walking away. Listening to my heart beat so strong as I say I do. You ask what took you so long?

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