Where am I?

Hey! This is me speaking from some dark place
Even though here I get solace
There are so many sounds I can hear
Some come from far, some from very near
I can hear something flowing
The fear is now growing
Oh! What is that thumping
Sounds like something is pumping
I have nothing to do
No other place to go to
As I was sitting here alone
Oh no! Where is my phone
Now what do I do
Whom do I go to
How do I pass time
Have I done some crime
Just as I sat there, I thought I'll start counting
The number of beats made by whatever was thumping
61, 62.... I stopped at eighty five
Is this an illusion or am I alive
The counting only made me realise I was in someone's heart
But why of the darkness was I a part
I heard a voice
Some loud noise
Some shouting and banging
Then howling and clanging
It was my friends voice
And me on the other side
It felt like it was a fight
Outside somewhere where there was light
As I sat there hearing, the fighting stopped soon
Then there was light all around, like something from moon
I could hear some happy cries
Then I felt another heart beating
It was me there
My friend I was hugging
I realised I was in my friends heart
He loved me so much, that he made me a part
Every fight would leave me in darkness
All other time, I enjoyed my time there

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