Where am I?

Walking through a hallway of memories,
A big tall door slowly opens to see only the drips of horrid sorrow. A chair, tying you to it like a love locked prisoner never to see light again. Petting a soft sweet something to purely comfort my tears and sleep. Masks to chase my fears away just to find another mask under another under another till you see the truth. Lips to hold only the deepest of secrets from the ocean of creatures and monsters. Hair to cover my lying eyes so you can’t tell anymore. A love to place a broken soul to be tended to and fixed. A pillow to place a sore mind from the headaches. A blanket to hind the heart from the lover only for it to be easily found, turns out under the bed isn’t a good hiding place for depression. A sip of caffeine to keep my eyes from running away from me to a beautiful dream to only be opened by a nightmare. Cute smile, can you tell I am lost? Small body to hide in small places, can you tell I am hurt? A book bag to put all that I Cherish and love, can you tell I am trapped inside my own mind? Didn’t think so.

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