Where am I leading my soul

The fading stars of the sky
are shining in the city lights
The lonely roads of night
are moaning with clause of sigh

Am running away from the chore
That throws knocks at door
Am driving away all alone
To the place that never known

I’ve been wondering all the day
Where I lost my way
With carrying my solemn whole
Where am I leading my soul?

The world is scary
Than the nights I know
The livings stop me bearing
with motives of very low

I run in the pace of random
With no chasers behind
But people with calls of dumb
Are ahead to make me confined

Am I falling to them
With forgetting who I am
By denying my very role
Where am I leading my soul?

To think back where it started
All was with a dream
Things began getting parted
When my thoughts chose to scream

When dream turned into life
That life scared me
I was silly enough to precise
That fear as my reality

Am I putting my standards low
Did I define my dream so?
With forgetting my very goal
Where am I leading my soul?

your traps are not big enough to
Fit my dream in
My will is not weak enough to
Make your motives win

I will be running
But not from my fears
I will be leading
My way in clear

I will never loose me nor my way
This is my only game to play
All I could say to
” Where am I leading my soul?”
Is to the destiny I know

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