Where are they now?

Where are the people who once said
They’ll be together till their death bed?
Where were the people who said that
They’ll never leave you even though they have to sacrifice themselves ?
Where are the people who used to say that
They’ll never stop loving you even though you may ?
Where are they ?
Searched every corner of the deepest ally’s
Asked every one in this small valley
No sign
Not even a single trace
Where are they gone now
The ones we used to call
Lies draped like red lipstick on brown lips
Every thing we accepted
Like we were one of them.
Promises were mere blackmails
For their own good;
Bejewelled with glitters
Beneath those ugly hoods.
Made us accept our flaws
But with a twist,
They painted our tears in a way
That they seem like a cloud to us
But not even a single person would come and say “hey”
Where are they now ?
Once whom you thought
Were inseparable
Now they’ve sailed the seas
Without you
Having every glee.
Where are they now?

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