Where Are We Now

Technology is all around me...
I have 100 followers on twitter and I'm feeling pretty lonely.
This technology makes me feel nothing but
having the ability to keep my door shut.

The problems I have will never be heard of or seen
but maybe said over a big fancy screen.

The technology we have is just an illusion, the friendship, the
communities, everyone giving a sense of inclusion.
Awaken only to see a world of confusion.

This world is full of interest yet becoming so distant,
It seems that loving smart phones will become the only
real commitment.

The happiness on this earth is something we can all share
but it's not the easiest thing when no one is really there.

We are in a generation of social isolation, why is it that with
the person we love we can't have a simple conversation.

Your wife, your kids, your family give them attention,
because you will be glad you didn't waste time
on some major invention.

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