Where Do I Stand?

You can be whatever you want to be,
They tell you at the age of three:
A princess, a teacher, a doctor.
Aim high, for you can touch the stars.
The thing left out is, don't aim too far; this is a man's world,
And you are his assistant, his escort, his arm candy.
This is a fairy tale of realty we are never told,
For its truth is exquisitely cold.
You can't be in charge, you're a feeble woman, know your place
Before your bring disgrace.
As long as your goals stay where they should be,
You'll soon understand, you cannot be free,
For freedom comes to those who wait,
So wait for men to have their debate,
Whether equality is worth their time,
Whether fairness is a thought in their mind.
Never forget, you are a pretty face and a sensitive gem,
Because that's the only thing you have to offer to them.
I come upon a question of emptiness, where do I stand?
Within this patriarchal ladder.
If I am a female, it is impossible for me to be alone.
I must stand next to a man to be given a voice or a powerful hand.
Women are constantly punished
For a choice they did not make,
Apologizing for something that is not a mistake.
They judge you and mistreat you
Because they don't get you.
For I seek a greater truth within humanity
To one day live amongst each other safely and sanely
For that would be a day of equality.

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This Poems Story

My name is Monique Ross, I recently graduated from SJSU. My friends and family are my inspiration for writing. My heritage consists of a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, I perceive society without illusionment of abiding by a collective culture. The dichotomy of my lifestyle and cultural values created disconnection from a sole community. Understanding perception beyond subgroups is the threshold of learning to stimulate development of the mind. I write about experiences through ethnography and insight on behavior. I want to be a voice for those who silently suppress themselves by being confined to the unspoken regulations of societal norms.