Where do we go from here?

You say you love me,
You say she didn’t mean anything
You just wanted to pay me back
An eye for an eye
Paying me back for all my lies
Getting me back for those 2 guys

Baby, If only you could seen inside my heart
Deep inside my soul
You’d see the fear that couldn’t let you in.
But you snuck in through that tiny neglected hole.
But No excuses baby,
Cause I’m guilty as charged
God knows I never meant to hurt you
Yet I drove a stake deep into your heart

Please baby, look into my heart
Deep down into my soul
You’ll know the truth
It was so broken apart
But now you’ll see there’s only you
My lover, my best friend
Yes it’s you, the one who fills my heart again
The one that filled the emptiness
That no one else could touch
Reach deep inside you'll find it there
I've wanted you so much

So where do we go from here?
Cause I’m never giving up on my happiness
Where do we go from here?
We have to fulfill all our promises
There’s so much I can show you
Just give me one more chance
Can we start over again?
Just show me where to begin
I’ll prove to you my love over and over again

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