Where Have I Seen You Before?

You come in through the door
I ask myself, where have I seen you before
You look so familiar, is this what it seems
Or was it all part of my dreams
Your face, I’ve seen it going by
That voice, I’ve heard letting out a little sigh
I can’t remember where I can’t remember why I can’t remember how
All I can think about is this moment, right now
I know everything about you like I’ve known you for the longest time
But how come you don’t know me this time?
Is that really you, who I think you are?
You’re so close but you seem so far
Why don’t you know me, like I know you
If you took the time, we could be the perfect two
So take a chance, open your eyes, be the one I adore
And ask yourself, where have I seen you before?

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