Where have you gone

Where have you gone now that i'm older
are you happy, free watching over me
thinking about all the opportunities your missing
can you see me now with all the time i have lost
can you see all the things you leaving me cost
are you happy now every night watching me cry
hoping and dreaming someday you will tell me why
why you left me all alone with nothing but darkness and the temptations of running farther and farther away from the light if it means I get to see you one last time
where have you gone now that i am lost in this labyrinth frozen in time stuck in the silence of the past unable to change
where have you gone with the moments of our lives with us acting carelessly having fun acting strange
it is funny to think how easily those moments can be lost like a key to a door now forever locked
but i can't help but ask the same question to myself "where have you gone" but knowing the answer i can't speak up because i understand that if I do then i'll have left you too
where have we gone the people we use to be with no care in the world living happily now stuck in the moments of realization that nothing will change no matter how long we wait like the bark of a tree waiting patiently but rotting away with the days going through the seasons and wasting away
but seasons change so why can't we the only thing stopping us from moving forward is ourselves and eventually there will be a time where we can answer this simple yet difficult question "where have you gone"

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Eventually everyone will come to the same realization as I have.