where have you gone

Where have you gone?
I didn't mean it, I don't want you to leave
the fight was nothing come back to me
we fight and yell but never leave
now your gone, the bed empty
night is lonely and truly dark
were have you gone?
My lips are cold , my arms empty
my heart aches as it realizes its alone
half the food on your plate has gone cold
one car is gone and fears of it never returning creep in
can you feel this to?
In the stormy night I worry if your okay
in the winter chill I wonder who holds you close
in the crisp fall I wander by your garden
in the summer breeze I cry at your feet
can you see me do this?
The roses I left are dead by now
my tears fall off the new ones I leave
I pray to god to keep you safe
as I kiss your stone angel I wonder
where have you gone and can you feel this to?

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