Where I Am From

I'm from backyards turned into jungles,
always exploring as pirates or adventurers.
I'm from The Climbing Tree,
who's view captures all through its sturdy, evergreen branches.
From long summer nights
playing Ghost In the Graveyard and longboarding.
I'm from a lake where I learned to love the water.

I'm from dressing up and being kings of the world with my brother.
From laughter-filled nights and "Who's on dishes?!"
I'm from movie nights with Papi,
then curling up in front of the fire, sleeping to the sounds of the guitar.

I'm from huge hot, heaps of arroz con pollo for dinner,
and baking in grans kitchen.
From stories told well into the night, as the moon watched over us.
I'm from countless road trips, as if we are butterflies, simply migrating.

I'm from Sunday school, taught by mom.
From hiking through endless acres of forest on the weekends.
I'm from "Acomer!" and the sound of feet rushing down the stairs.
I'm from having a built-in best friend since day one.

I am from broken people with unconditional love.
From Papi's hugs that smell of gasoline and tools,
and Mom's cuddles and stories.
I'm from the collision of music and art.
I am from cold, snowy nights when the world stops.
I belong to the "impossible" dreams of a star-eyed little girl

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