Where I Once Stood

If I could change, believe me I would.
I would replace my faults, with nothing but good.
I never liked myself, until I met you.
You made me see me, through the eyes of you.
Now something is different, I can tell by your stare.
The pedestal you placed me on, is no longer there.
I am the same person, that I was yesterday.
I do the same things, the same old way.
When we first met, you loved everything about me.
Now you are not sure, you look at me doubtfully.
If I could be different, I would certainly try.
Changing is difficult, I will not lie.
I have altered myself, over the past years.
To be better for you, and to impress your peers.
Unfortunately, I am still me, and as much as I may alter,
Or try hard to change, my essence will not falter.
I have doubts in myself, like you now do.
You are disappointed in me, and this I am not used to.
I can only hope, that somewhere inside,
Is the man who loved me, and who beamed with pride.
I have to say, I do not argue your perception.
I was just hoping, that you would make an exception.
That you would look past my flaws, and only see my good.
And I could stand on the pedestal, where I once stood.

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