Where I Want To Be

I know you are the one for me, with you my heart belongs
The only one I want to see, when I'm happy or my days go wrong
I love it when we are together, no one can come between
I know there's so much more to this
You're like an angel no one has seen
Why I'm feeling this way, this time I know why
But its kind of early, and I've made up my mind
You're the only one I want to be with,
I'm tired of searching for mess
Boy after boy they all fail the test,
I'm so tired of searching for mess!
I need a man someone who understands
Someone with goals dreams a future and plans
We just met a year ago its like overnight love
That means more props to the man up above
This is going to last a while, I can feel it in my bones
Your light brown eyes when I'm mad change my tone
Its like watching a never ending movie in style
Because you always make me happy and love to see me smile
Every night before I close my eyes I think of you
Then I think of all the guys I met before I met the truth
Look how long it took me to find someone like you
Its funny I never realized, something I despised
Is exactly what I needed to complete my life
My cherry on top of the Sunday ,flowers grown from seeds
That person I overlooked over just fulfilled all my needs

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