Where I Want to Be

I would rather be in the light
than where I stand now:
in the dark with my shadows.

To draw breath from the warm summer air
than be gasping for life in the dead of winter.

To be reborn into new life every day I wake up
than to die every night I fall asleep.

To feel the blaze of fire in my heart
than to feel the chill of my skin.

To see the colors of the world
than the faded walls of my bedroom.

To stride through that meadow
than to try to escape the forest.

To see the full moon
when only being shown an eclipse.

For them to include me
than to forget who I am.

To inhale the light of day
than to breathe the vapor of night.

Though you cannot experience joy without sadness,
it would humor me if you could.

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This Poems Story

I'm fifteen years old and live in Indiana. I'm the oldest in a family consisting of my two sisters, two brothers, and a dog. The poem you have presumably read or are going to read was written at a time where my depression first started taking a real hold on my life. I wrote this to tell myself that I didn't want to get consumed by that war like I had seen of people I loved dearly. I wanted to say it was all going to be okay.