Where I’m From

I am from Tupperware-lined pantry shelves
Ziploc bags of cereal
Sunshine and bumble-bee brown
Kitchen counters

I am from the crackling ice of Norway
the horns of Jericho
the sweltering heat of Phoenix

I'm from a town removed from time
wood and fire heat
Pine trees that stand
like castle towers

I am from misunderstandings
and broken hearts
From people who wanted more
than they could have

I'm from wilted desert plains
and lava skies
from a happy broken home
the lonesome hum of coyote lullabies

I am from roses that grew on brick
The corn that sprouted on barren

I'm from simple needs
and lavish desires
Masking-taped moving boxes
and “miles to go before I sleep”

I am from “Gypsy Road”
and “Turn the Page”
another era
an old soul

I'm from wash hung to dry
broken morals
and years of change

I am from all the things that are a part of me
and I a part of them

Church prayers
Crackling cassette players
Serpentine dirt roads

Each live alone in my memories
and I beneath their surface dust

I see them behind my closed eyes
and maybe
they see me in their dreams

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