Where I’m From

I'm from macaroni and cheese,
Where Velveeta is better than kraft because it's cheesier.
A place where George Lopez is my uncle,
But really, there is no relation.

I'm from smells of cologne and perfume,
During a fight.
A place where someone is usually screaming or crying,
But you can always hear laughter in the next room.

I'm from a place where respect is earned,
If you lose it then you have to work to get it back.
A place where everyone has their own dish night,
Even if they don't want to do them.

I'm from a place where having six siblings is normal,
Even if you have four bedrooms.
A place where African-American can be confused with native-American,
And yet it's hilarious.

I'm from a place where someone is always mad at someone else,
and you have to chose a side.
A place where you can tell someone to kiss a dog,
And they lick it.

I'm from a place that blurting out random lyrics is normal,
Even when you're eating a cheesy dinner.
A place where there is never a dull moment,
Even when you're alone.

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