where I’m really from

I'm from curriculum at home with my little siblings.
I'm from the fear of losing my mom.
I'm from the smell of a hospital on Christmas morning.
I'm from her coming home then my parents separating.
I was from Dallas TX, and then and now Waller TX .
I'm from using crayons in school for the first time.
I'm from seeing & hearing the abuse my mom dealt with.
Sometimes I was from feeling it to.
I'm from hospitals, therapists, and medication.
I had and still have a problem controlling my rage.
I'm from my mom leaving the abuser and not returning.
I was from not being afraid of him for the first time.
I'm from the arms of a women and children's safe house.
I'm from meeting my baby brother for the first time.
I'm from naming him Preston Noble.
I'm from getting a home of my own.
I was from FieldStore Elementary.
I'm from Schultz Jr. High, on my eighth grade year.
From playing Football, a game that was meant for guys.
I'm from being the age 13, 14, and now 15.
I'm from dancing, reading, writing, and singing.
I'm from learning foreign languages, & the summer time.
I'm from inspirational quotes, and colors blue & green.
I'm from hidden tears and fake smiles.
I'm from not being afraid of the fake but of the real.

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