Where Is Love when Love Is Gone?

Where is love when love is gone?
Love is there you just have to look around.
Where do you go, where do you run when the love is gone?
If love is gone, why do I stay
when I hear you don't love me anyway?
Where is love when love is gone?
Where is love in the flowers in the rain,
in words that other people say?
Love may not be you and I,
but I know I can find somewhere else for me.
Where is love?
In the work you do, in the things you say.
Love, I just know it's a deep word to use.
Love can be a child,
love can be another appreciating the things you do.
Where is the love when the love is gone?
In the clouds, in the sun,
gee I see love now all around.
Love may be in the whistles of the birds
that sing that same old melody.
All I know now is love can hurt.

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