Where is my way

I was in the darkness
I lost my way
I was dragging with wind
I lost all my hopes
I kneeled to all fights
My vision got blurred
My imagination was fading
My thoughts was blanked
My mouth was wordless
My legs were trembling with fear
I lost my motive to go forward
Also afraid of going back
I forgot what is emotions
Love, joy
Anger, misery
Mischief, innocence
I didn’t know meaning of these anymore
What is beauty, definition of this it’s already faded
I had only one question in my mind
Where is my way
Then a miracle happened
I saw a tiny light
A butterfly hovering over my barren heart,
Blooming all tulips of my heart
A rain which quenched all my eternal thirst
It was You
Who gave me hand to get out of bottomless pit
Who guide my path like a north star, guiding me through endless night
Who kept held my hand through out my all falls
Who taught me to walk again
Who taught me to speak again
I was able to think again
I was able to feel again
It was you
Who held my back in my all my fights
Who kept me pushing me forward to the paradise
It was you
Who carved my path with his shining
It was you
Who made me us
It was you
who blossomed the garden of my inner peace

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