where is the love

You took your love
away from me
where is the love
is this the end
i can no longer hold
i see no matter how much i tell you
i love you
your love for me no longer
but my love for you ill forever hold
no matter who holding you tonight
just know that you'll always be my love at first sight
where is the love
i thought i gave you all of me
can this be saved
my love, my love
listen to me
why do you turn from me
im down on my kneels begging you please
don't take the love we once knew
away from me
where is the love
you once given to me
is it someone else
who holds the love we once shared
i wonder did you really care
my heart, my heart it cant bare
why my love
what happen to us
where is the love?
i guess it was never there

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