Where Is The Rain

Where is the Rain?
The One who runs across lake
As if just to greet me?
As if it wants to see me…
To meet me…
And to touch me…
To tenderly kiss the corners of my month,
To caress the curves of my body,
Just to adorn me with Its Love…

Where is the Rain?
The One that waters the forest
As if to feed me?
As if It tries to supply for me?
To nurture and uphold me?
To fill my wells with life,
And my soul with hope…
That one thing truly Loves me

Where is the Rain?
The One that rips the sky in two
As if It hurts with me?
That as my soul contours
So do the western skies?
In anger,
Or In fear?
Out of pain,
Or Love?
Is the Thunder a cry?
Of war or weeping?
Just to show Its Love for me?

Where is the Rain?
When will the skies darken
And the burning light be undone?

And rest…

Where is my Rain?

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