Where Is the Sun?

Grey skies, rainy days,
We go to school come what may.
The sun is nowhere to be seen,
But what does this really mean?
He could be frustrated or sad,
But those aren't problems the sun ever had.
He is simply on a vacation,
Somewhere in another nation.
He could be in Rio, where the sun shines,
Instead of here, where the wind chimes.
I'll make him come back,
With my own special knack.
So I flew on a plane,
To Rio, the land of no rain.
Atop the highest mountain,
The sun gazed over a fountain.
I told him about his long disappearance,
He listened to me without interference.
"I will come back to your home," says he,
"If you can find someone to befriend me."
I told him about the stars and the moon,
Then he agreed to come back soon.
Now the sun and the moon are friends,
And now the sun is back, the end.

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