Where It’s Always Midnight

Why don't we meet where it's always midnight?
We can sit and listen to the loneliness of the street lamps
We'll give ourselves reasons not to hurt so much
and we'll go looking for some answers in the back seat of your car
I'll ask myself to shut up
while we marinade in consequences
and breath on purpose
You can sing along to your childhood
While I tap my foot to the beat of the grass growing under the tires
The trees will bend under the pressure of their lowered expectations
The clouds will still be there
even in the darkness
The water will forget where it's going
and the rocks will be there to remind it
I wont mind when you don't look at me enough
and you'll hold my shaking hand when it's close
You'll say that you miss our simplicity
and I'll say I never knew it
We'll breath in the muted colours of the season
As we forget who we are again
I'll tell you you smell like December
And we'll wait until the sun never rises
Why don't we meet where pain never existed?
And you can remind me to breath.

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