When our love began again

By DMAC   

When something goes wrong and our forever seems cracked
I immediately think back to our very first chance
Did we not think it through or think way to much
I was certain at that moment our love was enough
Seems time has flown by and many years are behind us
Did we conquer our goals or lose each other in the process
I love you and a kiss turned into just a routine
Time made them repetitive and they lost their meaning
I'm speaking for me but i'm guessing you'd agree
That once upon a time we were weak in the knees
Just our eyes making contact made it hard to resist it
The magic and the fire made our breakups majestic
Sometimes I go back not to dwell but remember
To put back in perspective the reasons were together
20 years in a relationship makes it easy to forget
The fire we ignited on that first night we met
A young boy once told me to break up we could not
After vows have been said it's a divorce that we got
Well i disagreed and of course he was wrong
Breakups what we did for our makeups were strong
A glimpse of our past is what gave me my strength
And a future without me is what put him in place
With our hearts back in sync and rarely skipping a beat
It seems remembering our beginning is all that we needed

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    This Poems Story

    Just a trip down memory lane though times may seem rough if you stand firm and weather the storm greener grasses and happier times just may be there for you! Going back to the beginning and remembering what drew us together and what snagged the heart strings always does the trick for me.