Where The Darkness Lies

We shall meet in the place where the darkness lies,
In the place where the truth meets a painful demise;
Where the most valiant of men find their most sickening rouse,
And where the brightest of dawnings meets the darkest of blues.

The darkness swifts furtively into the light,
The darkness, a plague, drifting out of our sight.
'Tis a siren of desire, which pulls all in,
Drawing the brightest of hearts to the darkest of sin.

It brings the bravest of men to their knees in submission,
Granting the highest in wit stupidity's vision.
Swearing fealty to none, but rallying all,
It is man's greatest triumph, but also his fall.

It is a valiant soldier of passion and love,
But often man's pleasures turn to hatred's blackened dove.
While the darkness drifts silently past all mans' sight,
Let it be known that despair is too man's blind right.

Thus within the stars held in the skies,
Those that bedevil our righteous eyes;
And where the specters speak their lies;

In the fragile human heart's abyss-
Within our own deadly devices,
That is where the darkness lies,
O'er light we find our fatal demise.

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