Where the grass grows

I don't have to worry,
as long as I get paid;
your troubles aren't mine,
my bed's already made.

You chose me,
I didn't choose you;
if you have a problem,
do what you must do.

You sang my praises,
put a cross by my name,
whatever you have reaped
is really all the same.

Place your gripes
at another door,
mine is shut,
frankly I'm bored.

Whatever you have seen,
please do not complain;
if I must tend to your request,
I'm sure I'll go insane.

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Key Words : paid, chose, complain, gripes

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    This Poems Story

    The councillor of Ennerdale, Johannesburg, South Africa, has neglected her duties since she was voted into office towards the end of last year. Ennerdale is in the worst state it has ever been before. She refuses to listen to the appeals of the community. The poem is an indication of her attitude.