Where the heart is

A place where you know you are accepted
Is a good place of favor where you are respected
That is outside of the places that makes you feel disinterested
Life is too real to be stressing with so many unanswered questions
When criminals want to hide behind the law
And bend the truth with their professions
Is when you continue doing your own thing being independent is my suggestion
The difference between unreliable and producing further complications
Is someone who is held liable for things working properly in their section
Some can get touched with the hands on or with the weapons
Thinking of self defense tactics being put in my position
My father’s murder was something tragic behind making multi-millions
Should this make the pursuit to success look less appealing
When family becomes lethal threats
To your mental stability and your standards of living
And the well being of your own family
That makes you want to result to the cap pealing
How do you know where the heart is
If you can’t really find a form of competent healing
Or do you listen to the nonsense that these snakes and con-artists keep drilling
Right along to those women that come around
With a little more than cheap feelings
Sitting behind your closed doors when other men want to start stealing
When you afford to put your off spring in houses instead of apartment buildings
Too many louses want to prowl
When you don’t need the friendships and insecure feelings
How do you know where the heart is
And where to find your mature business dealings
To what friendships are forbidden
By the depressing minutes when friendly conversations get driven
Do people want to make things easy for you
Or do they want to make your work more back bending
But don’t want to stick around to see you play the game past the ninth ending
Would you want to fight fire with fire and start offending
Or move to another place and focus on your cheddar spending
Success can be the best revenge
When you do way better and don’t resort to the begging and kneeling
Do you understand the meaning of where the heart is

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