Where the Sky Meets the Sea

By Reverie   

The waves curl up and meet the bow.
The ship sways to and fro.
I look up at the sky and clouds,
Where they clump up, in groups and crowds.

The blue of the sea, the blue of the sky,
How they match so perfect, and dazzle my eyes.
The blue sea sparkles with the gleam of the sun,
From the stern to the bow, I jog and I run.

The wind blows against my face, catches my hair.
And scatters it all ways, without a single care.
I run straight up the bowsprit, balancing on my toes.
What if I fall right off it? Only God knows.

But for now I'm steady, and firm on my feet.
Behind me, in the wind, the sails beat
To and fro, stretching to their full capacity
Just like me, far from sadness and pity.

The water rushes beneath me, down below.
Here will I stay, no where else will I go.
Beneath my feet and toes, the wood feels firm and strong
This is where I'm meant to be, this is where I belong.

My eyes land to where the sky meets the sea.
That's where I'm going, where I really want to be.
Far from any country, far from any place.
Only the sky and wind, will I always chase.

My dreams, my hopes, this is where they are.
I know I will go so distant, I will go very far.
I know I can make it, my heart holds the key,
To where I want to go, to where the sky meets the sea.

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This Poems Story

Following dreams is one of the most beautiful, yet complicated things of life. Because to follow one's dream is to surpass any and all obstacles that block the path. This girl's life is all about going out to sea, and now that's she gotten the chance, an abounding joy has overtaken her.