Where to Go

if home is where the heart is then i truly am an orphan
i don't have a heart to give to any placeit was taken from me
and it grows apart from me
and ive made it this far, so home isn't a place im going to need
but i want it, the feeling of a true smile and hug
and to know who i really am, without all these things i pretend to be
but i don't need it; he left with it
and gave it to somebody else
but if he could give it to someone else, he could give it to me
hed finally tell me he was proud and
that warmth would once again make me remoldable
open to the world
but i don't need it
why let the world kick you down right when youre about to stand up
because maybe somethings are worth it
to see that smile and feel that home
and know what you have been missing
and because when youre kicked down
he'll pick you right up
dust you off
and set you out again
because he knows that you re
going to do it one day
but he doesnt care how many times you fail
if my heart is at home
then i want to find my dad

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