Where Were You

Where were you when I took my first steps,
I was walking to fast and I couldn't keep up.
Where were you when I had my first recital,
I will I always look for you because you were my idol.
Where were you when I fell off my bike,
I just wanted you to kiss me and tell me I'll be alright.
I was looking for you at my graduation,
But you never even showed.
I was waiting for you at our family dinner,
cause you said you'lol even go.
I was listening to the arguments you had with mom,
maybe that's the reason you probably never be around long.
He missed out on some great things in life,
like when I learn how to tie my first tie.
Where could you been that was so important,
some where instead of being home.
I miss your hugs and voice,
it gave me such rejoice.
Do you still love,
Do you even care?
All I wanted was my father to be there.
Have you ever thought about the pain you gave me,
the sadness, gloomy, and sorrow.
You got me thinking there will be no tomorrow
I love dad, and i'll always will.
But, where were you when the world was still.

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