Where Will You Go?

If you can love, when all love is lost,
And when people are blaming it on you;

If you can trust in yourself when trust is lost,
If you doubt yourself they will be doubting too.

So if you have a decision, think.
When two choices lay before you, how do you pick just one.

Just as just, just as promising. Everyone goes the same way.
The safe way,the secure way. The way where you know where you will go

The other, empty, shaky, No telling of your future.
No security, no safety, no guidance.

Everyone goes the same way, the safe way, secure way.
The way that is concrete, the way where you know where you will go.

The way I chose was the way opposed, the way no one picked.
The way no one goes, where no one is clairvoyant.

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