Where Your Eyes Linger


Stress created creases grow visible upon my exhausted expression
Bags filled with black ink hang heavy under glossy brown eyes
Which scenario will play inside my mind today?
The only way to make it back to night listening to hunky dory lies

Dancing around the hallways
Not a clue who is where or what
Averting my gaze from the turncoat
Feeling your eyes on me with a finger the tension you could cut

No words spoken messages conveyed through assumptions
Should the day come where you choose to speak
A mask will fall and my timer destined to run out
Memories rush to my head tired legs turn weak

Cease your stares silence your criticisms
I wish to hear no more of this heinous situation
Let me sit inside my own mind
The safest place is with the figures of my own creation

They can’t leave if they were never there in the first place
If this should be true why do you pierce through me with those azure holes
Our story has ended as we walk on separate paths
Know your place and take on the protagonist's role

I am trapped in the darkness of the past
Burdened by my own choices to never forget
Cursed only with eyes and memories
Caught up in my own self saving net

Your gaze serves as poison upon my grand dinner plate
Where your eyes linger burns over my cracked grey slate

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