Where Your Home Is

Your parents say you can be anything, Dream big
I did exactly what they said. I dream big, but you know what the problem is?
My dream is too big for their heads.

I want to play basketball. Be in the NBA
But very few people make it. Says who I won't get a contract someday?
Oh you'd be lucky to take it.
Wow! Don't tell me to dream and push me down
You're supposed to be my wheelchair, my crutches
You were there when the dream was found, and you're where all MY trust is

Kids, don't just dream, dream gigantic in every way
And make sure your home is
Set to full speed and you'll make it someday.
I believe in you. Don't forget where your home is.

I dream big. We're talking Ocean deep
Think about your dream. You're only getting older
All you have to do is believe
And re member where your home is when this is all over.

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