wherever they may be

Millions of us staring out our windows
Day in and day out
With nothing but the thought of where are they
That light slowly fading as the day grows into night
As the sun goes down and the moon comes up
casting the eerie shadow against our ceilings and floors
Keeping all of us wondering where are they
The dream of an immaculate life waning over our heads
Knowing its not a what if but a never will
Embracing that pain and letting it fester inside us
sometimes without even realizing it
Until we're broken beyond fixing
Depressed, bipolar full of the most heart wrenching anxiety
Maybe then we will realize they are not coming back
Forever gone blaming ourselves for a life that we didn't ask for
But living, day to day just waiting for the sun to come up again
So we can try harder to be different to be better than the ones that came before us

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